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easy2coach drill database

The easy2coach drill database is the master piece of our coaching software which offers hundrets of professional training drills with awesome graphics and animations. You can edit, copy, share and print every drill as you like. This is the way how coaching should be.

Football drills in easy2coachOnline community for training drills and tactics between coaches, players and advisers 

Share and discuss training drills and tactics with fellow coaches in your club or in the platform as a whole. Here, you can determine which of your drills are visible to others and which are not. You can grant access to individual training drills in the platform. Parallel to this you can also access public drills of other coaches via the easy2coach database. This feature provides access to an extensive and constantly growing database of football drills.

Football drills in easy2coach Easy administration of all drills, tactics and other drawings in your own drill database

The software allows you to easily add attributes to your drills, tactics and other drawings or animations. You can also summarize them to chapters and training areas. Of course, you can edit and enhance all of your graphics and animations at any time.

Football drills in easy2coach Easy collaboration with several coaches

You can increase efficiency and effectiveness through the web-based access. All procedures for the creation of sessions may be conducted simultaneously or successively by multiple users in the platform.

Examples from our database:

Just click on any drill to view it in detail within easy2coach.

Cross and Finish
Cross and Finish
Crosses from the touch line and halfway line
Crosses from the touch line and halfway line

The easy2coach drill database is available for all premium members without any restrictions.

You can easiy book your premium membership for your entire team below. It is up to you now to take yourself and your team to the next level!

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