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Drill of the week (CW 15)

Sprint + shot on goal
Drill of the week

Sprint + shot on goal

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Author: Sheldon Converse

The goalkeeper sprints (or runs sideways of backwards) to the cone, sprints back to the goal and receives a shot by the goalkeeper trainer.
1-3: Paths
Resources: 1 field goal, 1 cone or more

Explosive start to the cone, staying close to the cone when running around it and run as fast as possible back to the goal line.
– Just before the goalkeeper trainer touches the ball the goalkeeper does a small jump with both legs or takes a small step forward, spreads his arms out, bends his knees a little and stands on the balls of his feet. His feet should point in the direction of the trainer and are roughly hip-width apart. His upper-body is bent slightly forward and his eyes are fixed on the ball.
– Regardless of how the balls approach the goal the goalkeeper must try to get his body behind the ball.
– The aim is to keep hold of the ball. If the goalkeeper is unable to do this the ball should be parried to the side.

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