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Drill of the week (CW 06)

Double One-Two II
Drill of the week

Double One-Two II

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Author: John Auldridge

Each action is a double one-two.
Player A passes to player B who lays the ball off in space for A to run onto. Player A lays the ball off with his first touch into space for player B to run onto. B now passes over to the other side (the blue side). One-twos are then played from each side one after another.

– The player waiting for the ball starts moving towards the ball as the ball is passed.
– The player passing the ball must orientate his running speed to the speed of the ball.
– The standing leg is often too far away from the ball and/or the player leans back.
– Timing of the pass is important.
– Players often run faster than they pass.
– Demand good strength of pass and pass precision.

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