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Football drill database – New search features

We have updated the search in our football drill database so that it is even easier to access to search more efficiently. You can find the drill search by clicking the left module:
Training points –> Drills –>All drills.

Searching football drills
Searching football drills – screen 1

You can now search by drill name or by author name. E.g. if you know some special author, you can tag the checkbox “author’s name” and search the specific person.

Searching football drills
Searching football drills – screen 2

If you click on a drill you are forwarded to the detail view. On the one hand, you can still print and copy drills as you like but on the other hand, we also display similiar drills below the selected drill.

These are split up into 3 categories:

  • drills with the same training set
  • drills with the same duration and
  • drills created by the same author

We display three random drills for each category here but you can easily display three different drills by clicking the large arrows on the side of each category.

Searching football drills
Searching football drills – screen 3

By including similiar drills in a drill’s detail view, you can navigate easier and faster through your extensive database in order to find suitable drills for your next training day. You should not waste anymore time but start organizing your training days in easy2coach.

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