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Visualize your own ideas – The integrated drawing tool

The integrated drawing tool in easy2coach: A glance at the main features of the additional software for all premium members.

Our drawing software is an intuitive-to-use image editor that allows you to quickly and easily display tactics, moves and / or training processes graphically. It is a perfect tool to visualize own ideas and own drills within the the easy2coach database.


Overall, the easy2coach drawing tool is divided into 5 areas:

  • In the middle: the playing field. This is the canvas to your imagination. All exercise instructions and tactical requirements are shown graphically here.
  • Below: the objects categories. Here is a list of all football-related categories that we need in the training and matches, from footballs to cones or players.
  • Right side: all objects within a category. The items are available in different colors and shapes, the sizes can always be modified on the field. To draw them onto the court proceed per Drag &Drop and positioned them easily at the desired location.
  • Top left: Modification buttons. At this part you can e.g. insert texts and reference lines or integrate the players from your squad list
  • Top right: Configuration buttons. Delete, save, save and exit, print, and close the editor, these are the possible options here.

User tip: In some browser saving drill does not always work correctly. We recomment to use the “Save” button and not the “Save+Close” button. If you experience problems in saving drills, please use the “SAVE” button and click the X at the top right corner afterwards. You will see that your drill is saved correctly afterwards.

You can try the drawing tool here (WITHOUT SAVING)


The arrows are specially suitable for creating tactical movements or player directions. Once you have set up your players in the desired formation, you may use the arrows to show the movements of each player. By using this tool you can prepare your team perfectly, since the defensive and offensive tasks are going to be more understandable.

You can access this drawing tool as well as many other great features without restrictions in our PREMIUM membership.

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