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Drill of the week (CW 39)

Passing with Runs Variation I
Drill of the week

Passing with Runs Variation I

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Author: Joseph Primiani

Player E starts the drill from cone II by making a short dummy run away from and then towards the ball. Player D passes him the ball for him to run onto which he passes with his first touch to player A. Player A passes the ball to the player waiting at cone IV and sprints towards cone III passing cone IV on the left side. Arriving at the same cone B passes the ball for A to run onto who passes on to cone I. Player D is now waiting at this cone, having run there after his opening pass to E. From cone I player D passes with his first touch back to A. A controls the ball and takes up the position from D at cone III.

Start by running the drill slowly and then speed up. The receiver should always make a small, dynamic dummy run away from or to the side of the ball before receiving the ball. The drill can be extremely tiring when conducted quickly with only four players.
– Under time pressure, this drill is very game realistic.
– The reciever should call for the ball.
– Pass and run timing is important
– Players often run faster than their pass.
– Don’t forget the runs.
– Demand good pass precision.
– Pass precision is more important than pass speed.
– Concentration must be held at all times.
– The players will need a certain amount of time until they have mastered the drill.
– A good touch and passing skills are required.
– Anticipation, awareness, reaction, speed of thought and movement with and without the ball are continuously required.
– This passing and dribbling drill requires a large amount of game intelligence.

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