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Perfect print-outs for your next training day – football coaching in easy2coach

Are you sick and tired to use the same drills every week? Are you frustrated because you cannot really find the drills that you practiced a couple months ago? Well, you can change this easily now by organizing yourself in easy2coach. easy2coach saves you a lot of time and provides you with perfect training day print outs. Take a closer look below if you do not believe us yet.

Perfect prints in easy2coach
Perfect prints in easy2coach – Screen 1

As you can see below, easy2coach offers a large variety of print-outs for your next training day. No matter if you are looking for a single drill print, a detailed training print or a summarized one, we have every combination for you.

Perfect prints in easy2coach
Perfect prints in easy2coach – Screen 2

The summarized training day print allows you to track the attendencies of your players in detail and to enter the most relevant data for your training drills as well.

Perfect prints in easy2coach
Der zusammengefasste Trainingsdruck

Show me an example for a summarized training plan

You can even print single drills or a collection of single prints which you can use yourself or simply share it with your assitant coaches and/or players.

Perfect prints in easy2coach
Druck einer einzelnen Übung

The detailed training plan print-out allows you to track every single information about your players and drills. Track availabilities, show player comments and print your drills with all relevant information.

Perfect prints in easy2coach
Der detaillierte Trainingsdruck

Show me an example for a detailed training plan

Maybe you saw above already that we also offer pre-prints for your daily training sessions. Those pre-prints won’t contain any data so that you can enter your data manually at the pitch. Howerve, since the setup is identical to our data prints, you will be able to transfer your training data easily into easy2coach afterwards.

You might ask yourself now if those PDF prints are only available in the training day module. We can say: Of course not! As a premium user in easy2coach, you can print training day, matches, tournaments and all calendar data like weekly plans or monthly overviews as professional PDF files.

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